Organizational Behaviour, a bachelor elective course using Casemaker

About 60 students participated in this one-week course  between 21 of April 2015, and 28th of April, CBS, Copenhagen

The students were divided into two groups: One group that was to present the case analysis before the case discussion (5 persons, “gr, 9″) and the rest of the class (ca. 55, Gr. rest of class”). The participation in the of-campus exercise was not compulsory.

The case was “Negotiation of office space in an IT-company“. There was 5 case elements in the case: One 4-page long text and four pictures. The students were instructed to analyse the case by making annotations in the Casemaker making connection to theories and terms of “conflict and negotiation” and “communication”. They had a 1-min instruction in how to access Casemaker and were all sent an invitation to the case. In the invitation they were asked to register with their adress and use that as log in.

From this small “real” test it can be seen that the group that was using the Casemaker to prepare a presentation were more keen to use the tool to present a “solution” to the case, whereas the group rest of students that was using Casemaker to prepare their participation in the class discussion, were more focussed on a broad analysis of the case.

The conclusion, however episodic, will be that the Casemaker, with the described pedagogy works fine for the part of CBT were students perform their case analysis.