Casemaker used in Information Management

The Casemaker has been used in a project management course of the Information Management programme at Copenhagen Business School.

The case was released to the students a week prior of the case discussion in class. The class was instructed in opening and annotating the case. The case consisted of a text, a photo, two architecture drawings and a video.

First result: Monday night before Tuesdays class we were shocked to see that less than 10% of the students had opened the case.

The statistics of the Analyser gave us the bad news, which was an unhappy surprise. It also gave us the possibility, however, of canceling the case discussion and plan for something else.

We postponed the case discussion to Tuesday a fortnight later.

And a fortnight later half of the students had opened the case and a third had made annotations. The annotations helped us to take cold calls on the students we knew had done a good job in their annotations. It was also easy to manage the students who had not opened the case.

The discussion proved fruitful and enlighted.