Events 2015

1st Training Workshop for Students and Staff, March 20, 2015

Facilitated by BCU and Cass in Birmingham.

A cohort of students and teachers accessed the Casemaker platform and worked collaboratively through a 6-part, multimedia case study. Their observations were captured on the online platform, by audio recording and manually. The process led to summary and detailed analyses and recommendations for improving the software and these are incorporated with these Minutes.


BildmAnnetteCN-möte 4febProject meeting, February 4-5, 2015

Held at Lund University, School of Management and Economics

The first day of this project meeting was held at the beautiful Old Bishops House, where the participants were welcomed by Fredrik Anderson, Dean, Lund University School of Economics and Management. Some of the topics this day was how the software can be developed further and possible case strengthening from international case competitions, with input from two successful students from Lund, Erika Fredrikson and Björn Hellqvist. Their thoughts about case competitions can be seen in this pdf, and a powerpoint presentation of the case can be seen here.


Fredrik Anderson, Dean Lund University School of Economics and Management





Engineering case workshop in Lübeck, August 20-21, 2015

The theme of the workshop is “Engineering cases”, thus trying to broaden the scope of case-based teaching to the technical disciplines. You will have the opportunity to bring your case with you and improve it with case teaching colleagues.

The Casemaker software will be used to assemble and test the engineering cases.

Siska Simon (specialist in problem based learning) and Dr. Nicole Podleschny (specialist in media supported learning) from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg will join us for at least half a day on 20th/21st of August.

The workshop will be open and free of charge for everyone that would like to participate.

Meeting handbook with agenda can be downloaded here.