Casemaker used on Shipping bachelor

At the Copenhagen Business School Casemaker is currently being used at a organizational analysis course on the Shipping bachelor program. Casemaker has been used as a tool to co-create cases between business and academia and to share case analysis between participants. For further information on the course please contact Danny Schmidt, +4538152854

Successful On-Line Educa appearance

Thanks to all the visitors that visited us at our stand at On-Line Educa Berlin 2015 and the people who went to hear our demo session at the conference. There has been a lot of attention to the Casemaker approach on Case Based Teaching and it it great to know that so many academics, teachers and practioners are interested in developing the way we teach with cases.

The software has had allmost three thousand users from 02/12/2015 to 29/02/2016, a doubling of the visitors in the three cuarters of a year periode before.

The EU-funded project has now ended, but all the partners are carrying on working with Casemaker, so please do not hesitate to contact the project if you would like to know more.

Casemaker at OEB, Berlin, December 2 – 4, 2015

OEB 2015 will look at the challenge of modernity and consider how people, organisations, institutions and societies can use technology-enhanced education and training to accelerate the shift to a new age of opportunity.

The conference will be attended by over 2,300 participants from more than 100 countries, OEB’s cross-sector focus and global reach foster a unique international exchange about education, training and technology.

The team behind the Casemaker-project will of course also attend the conference and demonstrate the benefits of using the Casemaker software.

Wednesday December 2, the pre-conference day, will be open to the public and Casemaker will be present at stand C98. This stand will always be attended by at least two members of the Casemaker team during the day.

A poster at the stand will brief visitors about the Casemaker and a short presentation of the software will be played on a large monitor.

Apart from that three special demonstrations will be held to show how the Casemaker software have been utilised in different class settings, giving the visitors a deeper understanding of how the Casemaker software can help improve teaching

Vistitors will also be able to take a look at the book ”Case Based Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century” in hard cover.

Att the main conference, Thursday, Dec 3  14:30 – 16:00 (Room Köpenick I/II/III) Casemaker will show up under the theme Learning Analytics. Christian Paulsen is the speaker and the title of his speech is ”Casemaker: A Tool to Teach with Cases and Study Students’ Learning”.


Casemaker used in Information Management

The Casemaker has been used in a project management course of the Information Management programme at Copenhagen Business School.

The case was released to the students a week prior of the case discussion in class. The class was instructed in opening and annotating the case. The case consisted of a text, a photo, two architecture drawings and a video.

First result: Monday night before Tuesdays class we were shocked to see that less than 10% of the students had opened the case.

The statistics of the Analyser gave us the bad news, which was an unhappy surprise. It also gave us the possibility, however, of canceling the case discussion and plan for something else.

We postponed the case discussion to Tuesday a fortnight later.

And a fortnight later half of the students had opened the case and a third had made annotations. The annotations helped us to take cold calls on the students we knew had done a good job in their annotations. It was also easy to manage the students who had not opened the case.

The discussion proved fruitful and enlighted.

Engineering case workshop in Lübeck, August 20-21, 2015

The theme of the workshop is “Engineering cases”, thus trying to broaden the scope of case-based teaching to the technical disciplines. You will have the opportunity to bring your case with you and improve it with case teaching colleagues.

The Casemaker software will be used to assemble and test the engineering cases.

Siska Simon (specialist in problem based learning) and Dr. Nicole Podleschny (specialist in media supported learning) from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg will join us for at least half a day on 20th/21st of August.

The workshop will be open and free of charge for everyone that would like to participate.

Meeting handbook with agenda can be downloaded here.

Organizational Behaviour, a bachelor elective course using Casemaker

About 60 students participated in this one-week course  between 21 of April 2015, and 28th of April, CBS, Copenhagen

The students were divided into two groups: One group that was to present the case analysis before the case discussion (5 persons, “gr, 9″) and the rest of the class (ca. 55, Gr. rest of class”). The participation in the of-campus exercise was not compulsory.

The case was “Negotiation of office space in an IT-company“. There was 5 case elements in the case: One 4-page long text and four pictures. The students were instructed to analyse the case by making annotations in the Casemaker making connection to theories and terms of “conflict and negotiation” and “communication”. They had a 1-min instruction in how to access Casemaker and were all sent an invitation to the case. In the invitation they were asked to register with their adress and use that as log in.

From this small “real” test it can be seen that the group that was using the Casemaker to prepare a presentation were more keen to use the tool to present a “solution” to the case, whereas the group rest of students that was using Casemaker to prepare their participation in the class discussion, were more focussed on a broad analysis of the case.

The conclusion, however episodic, will be that the Casemaker, with the described pedagogy works fine for the part of CBT were students perform their case analysis.

Casemaker anthology now available

A Casemaker anthology with the working title Case Based Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century is published by Libri Publishing.

The anthology comprises chapters authored by an international panel of 25 expert practitioners in case based teaching and learning. Their experiences and insights span from traditional to innovative types of case based learning, some enabled by information and communications technologies and some focusing on face-to-face interactions. Accordingly the anthology looks beyond the much-admired Harvard approach to offer a predominantly European perspective in the area of case based teaching.

The book is available as a free ebook (pdf) of approximately 275 pages together with a collected bibliography which provides a very comprehensive review of the subject area. Readers can also obtain a hard copy by purchasing one from .

The ebook also contains as an appendix the User Manual for the freely available Casemaker platform for supporting and enhancing case based teaching and learning. This User Manual is also offered as a free standalone version (pdf).

Click HERE to access the downloads of The Casemaker Anthology and the Casemaker User Guide.