The Casemaker

A New Platform for Case-based Learning and Teaching

Casemaker is a transversal project aiming to promote new learning and teaching practices in higher education and secondary vocational education using an open source web-based ICT-platform specifically designed to enhance case-based teaching and learning.

It is especially suited to business, management, economics, medicine, nursing, midwifery, teacher training, legal practice and the armed services and we expect many other disciplines to take advantage of Casemaker.

Through this platform teachers can create and collaborate on cases. When a case is ready, the teacher can assign the case with designated tasks to the students. Cases can also be divided into sections to be delivered over a period of time, or to assign different sections to different students. Finally, the teacher has access to statistics that gives insight to how the student worked with the case.

The Casemaker platform consists of three integrated elements:

  1. CaseDeveloper software component that facilitate collaboratively developed multimedia-cases.
  2. CaseTeacher software component that support teachers to plan their case-based teaching by formulating not only case-based assignments, but also competence profiles and learning objectives for students.
  3. CaseAnalyser software component that allows students to analyze and solve cases, and teachers to have an insight view of the collaboration and learning process of students.

 Access Casemaker here: Weblink

The Casemaker platform can easily be used by anyone who is using Case Based Learning in their pedagogical activities.

A declared aim is that the platform will prove itself as being applicable in different cultures and in different learning ambits, thus benefitting the partners, old and new, at different levels of the educational system. Such activities facilitates that a community will also develop during the project phase, giving Casemaker a strong standing ground from the beginning.

The development of such an strengthened sustainable community will have a lasting impact on European students and contribute to a life long learning. The increased use of case teaching with multimedia cases will improve the academic learning of students and their notion of and connection to industry.

A more detailed description of the Casemaker software can be found in this MANUAL.

Anthology The Casemaker project partnership has produced an anthology entitled “Case-Based Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century”, published by Libri Publishing. It reflects the growing importance of this subject and offers the experiences and lessons learned of an international panel of practitioners. This anthology is available as a free ebook.

Click HERE to access the anthology.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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